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Board Members


Carl Hubbard: President

Carl joined the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin Board because he believes in its mission of providing a welcoming, safe and supportive place for LGBTQ+ persons, their families and allies. He also believes that the educational, social, outreach and advocacy work of the Center is critically important and helps to create a more understanding, better informed and more equitable community.


Siegfried Christoph: Secretary

Siegfried’s involvement with the LGBT Center began when he approached its director about someone who was close to him who needed a supportive environment to work through personal issues. During this time, he came to realize that tacit tolerance of the LGBTQ+ community was not meant to be an end in and of itself. Progress toward understanding, affirmation, and advocacy deserved a more active commitment. Moreover, the Center’s mission is very much attuned to the welfare of the larger communities in which we live. In that sense, serving on the board is a welcome opportunity to ‘make a difference’.


Clarice Sevegney: Treasurer

Clarice is a Racine Dominican Sister. In San Francisco in 2000, she started her ministry to the LGBTQ+ community. Upon her return to Racine in 2009, she became a volunteer for the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin. Her particular interest is walking with transgender persons as they transition. She also meets with the families of transgender persons to help them understand their loved ones.


Shay King: Director

Pronouns: They/Them

Shay kick-started their queer advocacy when they came to the Racine area in 2013 to earn their undergraduate degree. With a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, a lens for gender and queer theory, and zeal for forging a space for nonbinary/genderqueer people, Shay seeks every opportunity they can to advocate for their corners of the LGBTQ+ community. Shay came to the board of the LGBT Center in early 2019, where they help facilitate the transgender/nonconforming support group and use their marketing experience to help the Center reach new members of the community.


Lisa Thielke: Interim Vice President

 Lisa Thielke was a founding member of the Board of Directors of the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin in 2009. She has recently re-joined the Board because she feels there still is a strong need for a Center to provide much needed resources for the LGBTQ+ community, and that there is power in organized groups. She believes members of the LGBTQ+ community cannot take for granted the progress our Brothers and Sisters before us have fought so hard for, and that we should never become complacent in our pursuit of equality.


Shawna Pfister


Charles McDonald


Adam Koenig


Kyle Johnson


Timothy Reigel


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