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Headshot of executive director, Barb Farrar

Barb Farrar

Executive Director

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Barb Farrar has been the Executive Director of the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin since 2018. She has a passion for equity and social justice and believes the work at the Center has a positive impact in those areas.She also enjoys the constant juggle of providing programs and services, building community partnerships, and ensuring financial stability for the organization. Her background is in Nonprofit Management and Human Resources, working in higher education, nonprofits, and technology sectors. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. Barb lives in Racine with her partner Shelley.
Headshot of Programs and Events Manager and Safe Zone instructor, David Ulrich

David Ulrich

Programs & Events Manager

David leads support groups for queer people and trainings for allies through our LGBT Center. As our primary Safe Zone instructor, David has provided accredited trainings for mental health therapists and private trainings for government, nonprofit, and school employees. His evidence-based approach helps clients build empathy for the LGBT experience and create accountability within their workplaces. David holds a masters degree in linguistics and is particularly interested in how language relates to subconscious bias.

David also facilitates Parenting with Pride, the Queer Social Group, Transgender & Nonbinary Support, and the Queer Youth Group. He lives in Kenosha, WI with his beagle-corgi mix that he lovingly refers to as “daughter.”

Board of Directors

Headshot of Board President, Shay King

Shay King

President of the Board

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Headshot of board member, Charles McDonald

Charles McDonald

Secretary of the Board

Headshot of board member, Carl Hubbard

Carl Hubbard

Member of the Board

Headshot of board member, Esther Roberts

Esther Roberts

Member of the Board​

Headshot of board member, James Stewart

James Stewart

Member of the Board​

Headshot of board member, Becky Crowley

Becky Crowley

Member of the Board

Headshot of board member, Katie Kelso

Katie Kelso

Member of the Board

LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

Kyle Johnson

Member of the Board​

LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

Shawna Pfister

Member of the Board​