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Headshot of executive director, Barb Farrar

Barb Farrar

Executive Director

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Barb Farrar has been the Executive Director of the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin since 2018. She has a passion for equity and social justice and believes the work at the Center has a positive impact in those areas. She also enjoys the constant juggle of providing programs and services, building community partnerships, and ensuring financial stability for the organization.


Her background is in Nonprofit Management and Human Resources, working in higher education, nonprofits, and technology sectors. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.


Barb lives in Racine with her partner Shelley.

Jasmine Alvarez

Operations Manager

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Jasmine joined the team in 2022 and is delighted to be part of the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin’s team as Operations Manager in Racine, Wisconsin. She is a first-generation bilingual SoCal (California) native who has lived in various parts of the country and moved to southeast Wisconsin in 2019. They have built 10 years of experience with customer relations working in food service, catering, banking, and sales industries.

Their goal has always been to improve the quality of life for marginalized populations and give back to communities locally or internationally. She switched to the nonprofit sector through an AmeriCorps apprenticeship with Public Allies in 2021, being part of the first Public Allies – Racine/Kenosha cohort. During her time with Public Allies, she went through rigorous diversity and inclusion, anti-oppression, equity, social justice, and professional development training. Simultaneously, she was selected to apprentice at a local nonprofit, NAMI Racine County, where she gained the skills to continue to destigmatize mental illness and mental health, provide Racine with awareness of the *988 crisis number implementation, and become a certified Peer Support Specialist.


They continue to use their lived experience and education to help the fight to uplift Black, Brown, Trans, and queer communities in Wisconsin professionally and personally.


Jasmine enjoys trying new or funky things, traveling as much as possible, keeping in touch with their bicoastal friends and family, and most importantly, drinking cafecito and finding a new coffee shop whenever possible!

Patricia “Paty” Castillo Venegas

Youth Coordinator

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I have been the Youth Coordinator at the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin since March of 2023. I believe that my lived experiences give me a unique insight into how to best support queer youth in southeast Wisconsin and educate others on the lived experiences of queer youth growing up in the Midwest.


I was born in Toluca, Mexico, but my family is all from Sahuayo and San Pedro, Michoacan. I came to the US with my family when I was 2, so I grew up in Racine going to RUSD schools K-12 and learned English by watching shows like “Zaboomafoo” on PBS. I ended up going to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for undergrad where I studied Conservation Biology and Global Health, so my academic background is in STEM, however, I also have an extensive background in student activism, community organizing, and youth advocacy through my time at university and beyond. Additionally, I am a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and had the honor of being a caregiver for elders where I learned how to best support people going through really hard life circumstances and life transitions. As well as how to communicate concepts about gender, sexuality, mental health, and disability effectively to people from all intersections of life.


As Youth Coordinator, I hope to implement restorative justice frameworks of conflict resolution, have trauma-informed conversations, and build an inter-generational community of support through my weekly Parenting with Pride and Youth support groups.


It truly takes a village to help just one person, and I hope to be part of the village so that queer youth can be unapologetically themselves.

Haven Slater

Intern / Trans & Nonbinary Coordinator

Hello, my name is Haven and my pronouns are he/him/his.
I am currently an intern at the LGBT Center where I will be in the role of Trans Coordinator while I attend Carthage College to get a bachelor’s degree in social work.


I was born in Evanston, Illinois but have lived most of my life in Kenosha where I have often struggled with many common queer experiences such as figuring out one’s gender identity and sexual orientation. These experiences have shown me the importance of supporting and amplifying the most marginalized and vulnerable within the queer community; with an emphasis upon BIPOC and trans/nonbinary/genderqueer people.


I hope to use this passion, personal experience, and knowledge as a future social worker to provide support, unconditional acceptance, and validation to anyone who comes to the Center. I am excited to help the Center in its work toward institutional and systemic change.

Kez Cesarz

Trans & Nonbinary Resource Coordinator

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Kez is proud to be part of the team as a Trans and Non-binary Resource Coordinator. Kez is a transmasculine non-binary human dedicated to uplifting the voices and rights of the LGBTQ+ community. With a bachelor’s in psychology and an associate degree in criminal justice, Kez blends their academic background with their lived experiences to advocate for marginalized communities. 

A pivotal time in their life was when they began medically transitioning in 2022 and really found the courage to speak their truth and stand up for themselves and others. Navigating their own gender journey has inspired them to be unabashedly visible and to create spaces where others can feel seen and heard. They host a podcast called “New Pronouns, Who Dis?” where they candidly share personal experiences as a transmasculine non-binary individual. Through this platform and through their work at the Center, Kez aims to demystify the trans experience and foster understanding and empathy. 

Kez enjoys a range of hobbies including hiking, playing sports, ghost hunting, attending rock concerts, creative writing, reading, and spending time with their wife and dogs.

Headshot of board member, Becky Crowley



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Becky Crowley is the Operations Coordinator for NAMI – Racine County. Becky initially became involved with the Center when she sought educational materials and the people she met became the reason she continued to return. The friends she’s made have become her queer ‘found family’ and she feels blessed to have such an amazing network of support.

Becky is motivated to continue building community and creating a space where all folx – regardless of identity or background – have a safe space to authentically be themselves.

Becky is an animal lover and avid crafter; she also enjoys concerts, festivals and spending time outdoors, not to mention drinking coffee on the patio at the Coffee Pot in Kenosha.

Board of Directors

Headshot of Board President, Shay King

Shay King

President of the Board

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Shay King is the head of Business Development for the Racine Public Library. In addition to serving as board president, they are involved in all of the board committees in some capacity. Shay appreciates the Center as a place to realize strengths and form incredible relationships. A community in the truest sense of the word, the Center has led Shay to some of their strongest friendships and greatest personal growth.

Shay’s long-term dream for the Center is to expand into housing; specifically ensuring all queer folx have a safe and affirming place to live.

Shay is an avid knitter and cross-stitcher who runs a Stich ’n Bitch. When they’re not working on a project they’re hanging out with their partner Elliott, cat Screembean, and budgie Rugarth.

LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

Kyle Johnson

Vice President of the Board

Headshot of board member, Katie Kelso

Katie Kelso

Secretary of the Board

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Katie Kelso holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music and education, respectively, and is an educator in the area. In addition to serving as Board Secretary, she also chairs the Governance Committee and serves on the Executive Committee. Katie has a passion for advocating for the queer community and appreciates the opportunity to work with fellow board members to make our area better for queer folx.

Katie is also a ‘process and procedure’ person and is working to help the board operate more efficiently.

Lindsay Samuels


Lindsay Samuels is a project manager and along with serving as a board member also serves on the Governance Committee. She is excited about the chance to make a positive impact in her community through her work with the Center.

Through her work as a board and committee member, Lindsay is serving and impacting underserved communities.

Lindsay enjoys Dungeons & Dragons and, after many years of having to move for work, is excited to put down roots in the area.

LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

Scarlette Kinderman

Member of the Board​

Scarlette Kinderman works for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin as the Regional Community Partnership Coordinator for Racine and Kenosha. She is a Racine native, born and raised, and went to college at UW-Parkside in Kenosha. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Direction and Management.

She has done a term of service in AmeriCorps NCCC, where she served mainly on the east coast. Locally, she has volunteered with the Racine Literacy Council, the Racine Theatre Guild, and the Rhode Center for the Arts. She has been awarded the Bronze Congressional Award and the Silver President’s Volunteer Service Award for her work in the non-profit sector.

She is thrilled to be a part of the LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin and vows to do her best for the community that she loves.

LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

Jevon claussen

Member of the Board​

Jevon Claussen is the Senior Director of Community Impact at the United Way of Kenosha County. In addition to serving on the Board of Directors she also serves on the Governance Committee. Jevon was drawn to board service because of a strong desire to leverage her time and skills to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone. The sense of community and the knowledge that the Center has makes such a positive impact on so many people is what keeps her going.


Jevon is passionate about expanding the Center’s reach and accessibility as well as building capacity for broader services, resources, and support for the LGBTQIA+ community.


Jevon loves chocolate (especially ice cream), sci-fi, spending time with her loved ones, traveling, learning about other cultures, and creating lasting memories.

LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin

Darin Collier

Member of the Board​

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